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z990g ZTE Merit Straight Talk

ZTE Merit 990g was recently added to Straight Talk and NET10. The ZTE 990G also known as the ZTE Merit is the most affordable GSM Android from Straight Talk. This phone looks like the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim but with the one major technology difference: It is GSM and uses a SIM card and does not work with Verizon. This phone will likely work with AT&T or T-Mobile. The other major physical difference is the ZTE's use of hard keys on the bottom where the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim uses soft keys (touch keys but not buttons). There are a few other minor physical differences including chrome on the power, and volume keys as well as the use of chrome trim on the ZTE giving it a more sophisticated look. The position of the lock button is also different. The ZTE Merit has the lock button on the top and the Samsung has it on the side right. These two phones are very close and comparable.


Processor: 600MHZ (This means the phone performs at a low to mid speed. For the price, the speed is good).
Android OS: Gingerbread 2.3
Home Screens: 5 home screens (this means you can slide through five screens that you can customize.
External memory: 2 Gigabyte SD card (included)
Battery (Talk time): 3.8 hours
Battery (Standby time): up to 10 days without use
Straight Talk Plan: ONLY WORKS WITH $45.00 OR $60 (INTERNATIONAL) PLANS.
Camera: 5 MP (very good for the price)
GPS: GPS navigation

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Coverage Area

ZTE Merit operates on the AT&T network and you should connect to 3G speeds if you have good AT&T coverage. If your coverage for AT&T is poor, you should reconsider this phone and possibly go for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.

Our initial impression of the ZTE Merit was that the phone was actually very nice looking and good to hold. The chrome trim on the volume keys and center key were very good touches. Speaking of touch, the rubber feel finish on the back cover and sides made holding the ZTE a pleasure. Although the phone is small, the screen size is good enough to see perfectly.
The touch screen is very responsive and moving from the available four screens is a breeze. We tested Wifi, downloading and using Facebook as well as installed Gmail and were very pleased with the results despite the slower processor, the ZTE measures up and the price is perfect!

What makes the ZTE Merit so good?
The ZTE Merit has lots of things working for it. First of all, the most obvious is that the service is provided by Straight Talk. If you're not familiar with Straight Talk, you'll be glad to know they are the largest Prepaid cell phone company (owned by TracFone) and in turn, Straight Talk is owned by the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim. So that should get you a bit more at ease. Straight Talk also has a large deal with Walmart and you can even pick one up at Walmart but don't expect much technical information from the sales people.

The next thing is the price. At less than $100 the ZTE is one of the most affordable Android Smart phones around. While we're on price, the monthly cost is also perfect. $45.00 a month for unlimited service which includes unlimited voice, text and web. That's the best plan around.
Find out if the ZTE Merit is available in your zip code