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How to use visual unlock pattern for Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim as well as other Android phones have a great feature where you can use a pattern as your unlock code. This means you can come up with a simple or complicated pattern that only you know to prevent others from getting access to your phone. The phone gives you a grid of several dots and you connect the dots in a certain way to make your custom pattern. Once you come up with the pattern and save it, you will use the same pattern to unlock your phone and prevent unauthorized access.

To set up visual unlock pattern:

1. Press the lower left soft key on the phone that looks like a square with two lines.
2. A grid with six options comes up. Select "Settings".
3. Once you're in the "Settings" menu, select "Location & Security".
4. Scroll down to "Set screen lock" then select "Pattern".
5. Read carefully and if you're ready, select "Next" and then "Next".
6. Here is the pattern grid. use your finger to start the pattern at one dot and then slide connecting each dot forming your new pattern. You need to connect at least four dots.
7. Once you record and save your pattern, you will use the same pattern to get access to your phone once it locks.

NOTE: If you forget your lock code, you will need to have your Google account credential to get access or you will need to fully reset your phone (and loose all your information) so be careful with your lock code.