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TracFone Adds four new Androids

TracFone adds four new LG Android phones. These are real Androids and with this move, TracFone adds the first smartphones to the selection of all feature phones. The difference between feature phones and smartphones is huge. A smartphone is essentially a small computer with sufficient memory and storing space to run applications, set reminders, play high definition movies and games. Adding Android to TracFone is a move that has been in the works and as cell phone manufacturers focus on smartphones and less on feature phones, the selection of low end dumb phones start to dwindle down. It is inevitable that TracFone would move with the trend of adding smart phones, particularly Android.

For those not familiar with Android, let us take some time to explain it here...

"Android" is the name given to an operating system that runs the phones. It is the same as saying that your computer runs Windows. That's it. It is just a name of the software that runs the phone. What's great about the Android operating system is that it is an open source software, that is to say it is free. So... All phone manufacturers can use it and they are! Every phone manufacturer has at least one phone (or all phones) running Android operating system.

The good thing about this is that all Androids are standard and once you learn to use one, you pretty much know how to use any. There have been several Android versions... Similar to Windows, Android has different versions with slight differences. The latest Android is called Jellybean or version (4.0). There are minor changes within the major versions. For instance, in version (2.0) there were lots of changes however the most popular version of Android 2.0 is called Gingerbread. For some Reason, Google (the owner of Android) called each version by desserts.

So now that you have a basic understanding of Android, you need to know that it is mostly touch based. What this means is there are zero to only three buttons on Android phones max with the exception of volume and power keys. You need to feel comfortable enough to be able to "touch" the screen and drag items and move them around.

Typing is also different. The keys are on the screen and again, there are no keys. The great thing is that you have access to thousands of games applications and other tools to enrich your cell phone experience. A cell phone no longer is just for making calls. It is a companion and a necessity in many cases.

TracFone is doing the right thing by adding these Android Smartphones and soon, we will say goodby to the feature phone.

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