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Motorola W419G Review

The Motorola w419g is a gray flip phone offered by Straight Talk and NET10 as a low entry and very affordable phone. The W419g is well built and is a sturdy solution for those who want to pay less for a monthly plan than having a standard contract phone. The W419 is a basic feature phone with only the basic needs covered. If you can do without having a complicated smart phone, without the apps and hundreds other features, this is the phone you might be interested in.

The Motorola W419 has a simple user interface with a large keypad and an equal sized screen on the opposite side of they keys. This is a flip (or fold) sytle phone that can be closed and put in a pocket when not being used. It has an external screen that alerts you of incoming calls and messages so even when the phone is closed, you are aware of what is happening.

The Motorola W419 has basic features like alarm clock, calendar, calculator, and other applications that help during daily use. The alarm clock is a great way to set
up reminders or wake you up daily or use it for daily schedules like pill reminders or other appointments.

Overall, the Motorola W419G is a very simple good quality phone that will not break the bank. The phone is great for low volume users, teens, or if you're on a budget, this is a perfect phone.

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