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Samsung r455c Review Straight Talk

Samsung R455C Review
Samsung R455C for Straight Talk shows up according to Howard Forums. This is a candybar style full QWERTY slide out keyboard with two interesting buttons on the slide out. It looks like your typical cell phone (not a smart phone) but from what we can tell, it probably supports applications. If you want to find out if the Samsung R455C is available, check out the Straight Talk website.


The Samsung R455C is a neat cell phone (not a smart phone) with the ever popular slide out full keyboard. This one is like the Samsung 404 but it is not a GSM phone, instead it is CDMA and probably supported by US Cellular or Verizon. The CDMA phone can have ups and downs depending on your area but many people who live near Verizon areas, will be very pleased with this phone.

Based on phones similar, it probably does not have an impressive camera or huge screen but for those that use the phone for what a phone was really meant for (calls and text), this is the best available phone from Straight Talk. The plan cannot be beat either and we simply loved the more sleek look compared to the Samsung R451C which was boxy and larger.


As said before, it is smaller and more round than its predecessor the Samsung R451C and it has a more modern look and feel. Once we get our hands on it, we'll really break it down.
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Find out if Samsung R455C is available in your area