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Samsung Galaxy S2 Straight Talk S959G Review

Are you ready for Straight Talk's Samsung Galaxy S2? The Samsung S959G is Straight Talk's own version of one of the most popular phones on the market and it is now available directly from Straight Talk and it does not disappoint. The Samsung Galaxy S2 from Straight Talk is identical to its ATT brother. It comes with the stable Gingerbread Android OS which is good news considering all the complaints ATT has received about the ICS update on their version of the Galaxy S2.

Will this phone be able to update to ICS or Jelly Bean? While it is certainly capable hardware wise, it is unlikely you will see an update from Straight Talk any time soon (you can always root).

How good is it?
The Galaxy S2 comes with all your standard smart phone features; it just does everything better and faster!! This phone features a 1.2 dual core processor. That’s more than just a fun thing to say, it means the phone is fast!! All your games and apps will work flawlessly on this phone.
Are you a multi tasker? This phone handles multiple apps running without issue. Battery life is short (like all smart phones) but it will last you about a day and a half of regular use without charging.

The Camera:
One of our favorite features the Galaxy S2s 8MP camera. The camera has a dual LED flash, which allows for some decent night shots. But where the camera really shines is in daylight.
You wouldn’t believe the pictures were from a cell phone. It could be that your pictures just look better on Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus LCD display, but either way you will not be disappointed. This phone also comes with a 2MP front facing camera for video chatting and is capable of 1080p HD video recording using the rear camera; videos look excellent. The zoom is digital, so stay away from using the digital zoom if you don’t like grainy videos but the quality of the camera on this phone is a winner! Remember your pictures and videos can also be automatically backed up on Google+ if you set it up. No more worrying about losing your pictures when you lose your phone. Everything can be regularly backed up onto a private Google+ album.

Overall Feel:
You will love how this phone feels in your hand. The back plate has a raised texture so it doesn’t attract any fingerprints and it doesn’t feel like it will slip out of your hands. The Galaxy S2 is also pretty light compared to some other smart phones which is nice considering you will be carrying the thing all day in your back pocket or purse. But light does not mean flimsy. This is a sturdy Samsung build, and while you always want to put a protective case on your phone, this phone doesn’t feel cheap (Good thing too, because its not cheap!).

The Samsung S959G is far and beyond the best phone Straight Talk has to offer. This is the Android for the super user. It’s performance and looks will make anyone envious

The specs:
Battery: Standby (16.6 days) Talk Time: (8 hours)>>> Check this out for yourself as results vary.
Weight: 4.12 oz
Screen Size: 4.3 inches
Android Version: Gingerbread
Processor: 1.2 dual core
Internal Memory: 8gb (Expandable SD card memory up to 32GB)
Wifi capable: Yes
Hotspot capable: No
Gorilla Glass: Yes
Headset jack: 3.5mm
Rear camera: 8MP
Front camera: 2MP
HD video: Yes