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LG L96G Optimus Ultimate Review

The LG L96g (Optimus Ultimate) is by far the hottest phone to hit Straight Talk since they started pumping out Android phones. This phone is just plain sick with the huge 4.5 inch screen and the nice smoke silver trim around the edges and not to mention this one has a great rear 5MP camera and a front facing camera for things like facial recognition or video chatting. Of course Straight Talk did the right thing by upgrading to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) for this one and even though it is a single core processor, the LG L96g Optimus Ultimate is really the ultimate in Straight Talk Androids right now.

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The LG L96g Optimus Ultimate is a dark gray and black super in charge phone with a touch of smoke silver around the edges that give it a crazy sexy cool look. The power button on the top right has a brushed textured circular design for added traction and it has a simple and clean single button design with two soft buttons for back and options that make it soooo easy to use. The single button can be used for going directly to home, triggering the unlock screen, or if you press and hold it, you get a very intuitive layout on the far right that shows you all your running processes to pick from for quick navigation. You can even remove items from this visual list or get information about the app that is running.
The rear 5MP camera has a much needed flash for better picture taking, impromptu flashlight, and also for app support. The front facing camera is really where it's at since you can use it for front pictures, video chatting, or facial recognition.

The LG Optimus Ultimate (LG L96G) is the perfect AT&T Android from Straight Talk. This phone features a clean design, large screen, and very good processor as long as you manage the memory and total apps saved. The phone has a really good camera with flash and the front facing camera is perfect for self portraits. The LG L96G has a built to last body and screen even after MANY drops, the back cover just jumps off but the screen does not shatter. This is an excellent phone for both a business person, student, or any Android user. The only thing we noticed after prolonged usage is the response speed especially when in a rush. The phone slows down to almost snail speed when more than one process is running and even more when the memory is full (such as full with pictures or videos). This can easily be avoided by regular housekeeping and removing old apps and unused files.
Overall, the LG Optimus Ultimate is recommended for the price!

Find out if the LG Optimus Ultimate is available in your area