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LG Optimus Quest (LG L46C) Review

The LG Optimus Quest from Straight Talk is a new model selling for $149.99. This is a standard 800 MHZ processor phone with Gorilla Glass for added protection. While this phone is not a dual core processor it is still very good for the price. Mix in Straight Talk's $45 a month unlimited plan, and you're good to go. LG has recently added lots of new androids in the Optimus series and this one is slightly different than the others like the LG Optimus Logic, or LG Optimus Dynamic in the aesthetics and look and feel however the main thing that makes the Optimus Quest attractive is the price point.

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The 800 MHZ processor is enough for the average user. It can easily handle lots of multi tasking including email synch, game play, and light browsing. The proximity sensor is a great feature which is standard on most Androids and it is designed to save battery life when you're on a call. The way it works is when you put the phone near your face to speak during a call, the back light turns off. The main battery killer on Androids with large screens is the back light and the brightness of the screen.

Android 2.3 is the most popular Android version and it is probably the most stable. Gingerbread, as it is called, is a light weight operating system and will work perfectly with the processor. You get advanced screen options such as 7 screens for you to customize and the access to the Google Play store for tons of free games and Apps. One word of caution though, since you have limited memory on this phone, do not overload with downloading applications. Also, uninstall old applications you no longer use in order to improve the speed and performance of the phone.

The Optimus Quest is a great phone for the price. You get a strong phone designed to last and perfect for kids or people on the go. The Gorilla glass is a great touch since most people end up damaging and scratching the screen and this will prevent that from happening. The 2.3 Gingerbread is a perfect match for the hardware and though you wont get lightning fast response time, if you manage the phone and the applications well, this phone will last a long time.

The Specs:

Price $149.99 (Very affordable)
Size Width 2.22″ by Height 4.45″ by 0.4″ Thickness
Weight 4 Ounces
Technology CDMA No SIM Card and uses Verizon Towers
Screen Gorilla Glass capacitive 3.5" touch screen
WiFi Of course
Front Camera No but the rear camera is 5 Megapixels
Processor 800 mhz (Single Core)
Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread
Form Factor Medium Candybar Touchscreen
Apps Google Play Store
Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity