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Huawei H881C Ascend Plus

huawei h881 ascend plus review

Huwawei Inspiration H881C Review:

When I hear the name “Huawei”, I usually follow with a groan. The only Huawei I knew was an underpowered phone on Metro PCS. This low standard was what I was expecting from the Chinese manufacturer. Unexpectedly, I am so impressed with the Huawei H881C from Net10. This is a nice phone!

The first thing I noticed on the 881C is the screen. I was pleasantly surprised to see how bright and clear the screen is. The 881C comes with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4) and Huawei has equipped this phone with an appearance skin, which gives Android a friendly look. The bubbly icons are neat and welcoming. At first impression, the phone was responsive and fast. However, being skeptical, I downloaded Quadrant Standard to compare this phones processing speed to others. My feelings were confirmed. The H881C is faster than a Samsung Nexus S and a HTC Desire HD. Not bad.

The next thing I wanted to check on this beautiful screen was the streaming on Netflix. I tried this on a WiFi network so I was not testing the network. I searched for my favorite TV show, which is where I stumbled on the keyboard. This phone comes with swype, a nice feature to have available for speedy typing. I normally advocate downloading a third party keyboard, but this keyboard was easy to use and accurate. Another positive note on this phone is the loud speaker. I was able to listen to my stream without straining my ears or cupping the speaker. This phone’s speaker is powerful enough for watching videos on your own.

After streaming, I wanted to check out the camera. The camera is labeled 5.0 RF. The camera is OK. Like most phones, it does not take pictures well in low light. I was happy to see that the phone does have the auto focus feature. This means you will be able to use apps that read UPC codes and can take pictures of text. I also tested out the front camera. The front camera was fun for video chatting which worked great over wifi.

After some back and forth texting, I found that the phone is easy to text with thanks to its accurate keyboard. I also loved the notification light which blinks when you have a message. You can also quick access messages, the camera, and the phone directly from the look screen. If you swipe to the left, you can instantly access your messages and that is incredibly handy.

I made a few quick phone calls to test out the earpiece and the microphone. I can say that it was clear and I was understood on the other end of the line. When receiving a call, the ringtone the default ringtone is a little soft and easy to miss. I recommend changing this when you first get the phone so you don’t miss any calls.

All in all I was very happy with the phone. This phone is pleasant to use. If you are looking for a user friendly android, the Huawei H866C is an overall star!