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Huawei Glory H868C Straight Talk Review

The Huawei Glory from Straight Talk is a lower to mid entry phone and right off the back, the Glory didn't excite us like the other Huawes Straight Talk offers. The H868C compares to the Samsung 73Xs (730, 735, 738). It's just as good as any of those phones. Low for the more advanced user and a down side was that it does not have an auto focus on camera.

Before the phone is even turned on, the first thing noticed when holding the Huawei H868 Glory is the raised screen. The glass on the screen rises above the body so evidently, that one may think that this phone has some kind of slider function. However, pushing up on the raised glass proves fruitless. The raised glass is a design feature. The raised surface gives the phones appearance a little drama since the screen literally pops out.

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The Huawei Glory is an average sized phone. It is neither cramped nor grandiose, it just seems to fit perfectly in your hand. The phone feels a tad heavy for its size, but this seems to be due to higher quality build materials. The phone comes with a handy indicator light to alert you to pending messages without unlocking the Glory.

The phone was a pleasure to watch stream content on. The loud speaker is very loud and the phone handled Netflix streaming over wifi without any lag. The picture quality was great as well. Overall, streaming on this phone was a wonderful high note. It is a shame the Glory does not have a front camera, because it seems the phone would be great for video chatting.

Huawei Glory has a three-button layout. This layout was easy to learn and the lock button is on the top right making it easy to use with one hand. Call quality on this phone was superb. Conversations are effortless while using the earpiece or the loud speaker.

The Glory is outfitted with Android 4.0.4 and Huawei’s convenient skin. Huawei’s best addition to Ice Cream Sandwich is the unlock screen. You can easily access the phone, messages, or camera right from the outlook screen.

The Huawei Glory is a nice option for those looking for an ice cream sandwhich phone. High points include the look and feel and streaming, but know that the camera on the phone is average for cell phones. The Huawei Glory is a solid and user friendly phone.

Find out if the Huawei Glory from Straight Talk is available in your area

Included Battery Lithium-ion
Size 4.6 x 2.4 x 0.5
Standby time Up to 14 days
Talk time Up to 5 hours
Weight 4.5 (ounces)
Included Accessories:

AC Adapter


3.2 MP Camera/Video Recorder
3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity
5 Home Screens
Alarm Clock
Android 4.0
Call Waiting
Caller ID
FM Radio
GPS Enabled
Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake
HAC Compatible
Handsfree Speaker
Instant Messaging
MP3 Player
Text/Picture Messaging
Touch Screen
Vibration Alert