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Bring your own phone to Straight Talk

Straight Talk opens up to a bring Your own Phone option.. Simply buy a Straight talk SIM for $14.99 and pay $45 a month there on for an unlimited plan. This option works if you have ATT or T-Mobile GSM service. Either bring a number to port or let Straight Talk give you a number. Either way you go, you are getting a NO CONTRACT deal and you keep the best of what you want and need.

No contracts and no credit checks needed... Just start a $45 a month plan and that's it. The bring your own phone program from Straight Talk is the latest way to keep your current smart phone and cut your bill in half. There are no strings attached and you can easily port your number. Even if you have to pay a cancelation fee, this program is worth it. check out the Bring Your own Phone option. from Straight Talk Wireless.

In the spirit of this website, we will continue to insist that anyone who has a cell phone contract is being robbed. Straight Talk knows this and all the plans they offer are designed for people who don't want a contract but want all the benefits and features of all the latest Android phones. Even if you are not into Androids or think they are too complicated, you can also checkout Straight Talk's main page for a complete list of all the phones they offer.